Friday, August 15, 2014

Why All Alt Coins Are A Waste Of Time And Doomed To Fail

Bitcoin, surprisingly to most people, have endured a few years already and increased in value from a fraction of a penny to a peak or about 1,000 dollars. As of now it seems like bitcoin is here to stay with a bright future ahead. As the very first crypto currency bitcoin enjoys widespread adoption by merchants, consuners, miners, and investors.

However most alt coins have little to no adoption aside from miners and traders. Because of this, most alt coins are doomed to continually decrease in value until they are pretty much worthless. With hundreds of different alt coins there is immense competition and the values have become diluted. Add this to the fact that there are more alt coins mined every day and it is obvious that their value will continue to plummet.

While some coins have some useful new feature and may have enjoyed a brief moment in the spotlight, the majority are just carbon copies of existing crypto coins. Therefore they are pretty much worthless and will eventually die as the miners and traders give up on them. It is inevitable so it would be a huge waste of time to do anything with them. If you do want to continue to use altcoins, stick to the few that are most popular such as dogecoin and Litecoin. These are the few alt coins that will hold their value much longer than the rest. Although I think that Litecoin is the best choice of all the alt coins if you want to trade or mine something. Other than that I believe that all altcoins will be a wast of time in the end as they will be worthless and inevitably die out as they are abandoned.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 Shutting Down - Live Video Streaming Pioneer Halting Operations

As one of the original pioneers into the live video streaming arena, has definitaly had an impact on live video streaming and the internet as a whole. The site has come a long way from being a sole stream of one of the founders' daily life captured with a webcam attached to his baseball cap and broadcast to the internet via a makeshift rig in his backpack. In fact hundreds of thousands of viewers regularly visit and stream content from the website. That is, until today of course. If you try to visit the website now you aren't greeted by the familiar homepage listing many of the top streams at the moment. No, there is just a single page that announces the end of the website and apps.

In recent years, the site has sort of become a wild west of streaming video channels, full of pirated copyright material broadcast to anybody on the internet free of charge. The channels were not operated by, all channels are created and run by the users. This means that there were tons of streams that the various copyright holders would not approve of, including channels with streams of popular TV shows and movies. This was a good chunk of the appeal of the site, but not all of it. If I want to watch something on my computer I can find it online and download it in a matter of seconds. In this sense, was nothing new or revolutionary. But the site was much more than just a breeding ground for pirated material. There were tons of streams that were legitimate and attracted hundreds and even thousands of viewers at any given time. Among them were people broadcasting their daily lives just like the founder did 7 years ago, radio stations broadcasting their own live video stream of the studio, and much more. The site was also an online community in its own right, offering chat rooms for each channel and other social networking features, allowing users to communicate and share ideas and voice their opinions with other like minded individuals. This, I think, is the feature that is going to be missed the most.

There is a silver lining of some sort, though.,'s video gaming counterpart is still going to remain active. Apparently this is the most popular (read: profitable) part of their business and has no become their main focus. In order to keep growing the brand, they must halt operations at (or so they say) so that they can focus all their efforts and resources (read: bandwidth) on the one site.

What do you think about this announcement? Did you see it coming? Or are you as devastated as I am? Are there any good alternatives to What site will you visit now to stream videos? Leave your comments below, I would love to know what everyone else has to say.