Monday, March 6, 2017

New Mr Robot Theories and Ideas Blog

As one of my favorite shows on TV, Mr. Robot has me on edge every single week.  I download the newest episodes as soon as they are available on the East coast just so I don't have to wait that extra few hours to watch them.  But after watching every week I was left with more questions than I had before I watched the show.  Sometimes I even wait a few weeks - even as hard as it is to go that long without my Mr. Robot fix - just so that I can watch those few episodes back to back so that I'm not so riddled with confusion.  So many episodes give you a moment in the last minute or so that just makes you go crazy having to wait another week to see the conclusion.  But then, like I said before, you are just left with more and more questions that you get answers.  Add to that but the show has so many things that you might miss the first time you watch so you end up having to watch multiple times to see and understand everything.  And even after watching all the episodes some things are not fully stated in the show and kind of left to the viewer to make their own decision as to what is really going on. 

And to add to the confusion, the main character Elliot has some mental issues and some of the things that you see in the show are how Elliot would be seeing it and some are how everyone else see it.  This just makes it super hard to really know what is happening because something you see might just be in Elliot's head and you are never really sure what is real and what is not. 

So since I love the show so much and am so obsessed with it I decided to make a blog called Mr. Robot Theories about the show to write about my thoughts and theories about what is going on with the Mr. Robot world.  I hope to be able to talk about the show and my thoughts and theories about what is going on and people will visit and comment on what I have to say.  So please if you like the show visit the site at for more on my thoughts about Mr. Robot.