Monday, December 26, 2016

My New Blog

Although I really like blogger - it has many great features, it is easy to use, its run by google so it gets great search engine traffic, and best of all it is free.  But all the features in the world can't compete with your own hosted server that you can fully control.  Although I only have a shared hosting plan for now it is still very feature rich and a good stepping stone to getting my own hosted server all to myself when the need arises. In fact I will go over the pro's and con's of having a dedicated server vs. a shared hosting server in a future article but that is beyond the scope of this one.
I have decided that Blogger does not allow me enough freedom for all of the things that I need to do with my web sites, and although I will still continue to leave them live and post on them from time to time, the main focus will now be on my own sites that I host myself.  Furthermore this blog will be mostly succeeded by my new hosted blog at which will now be the new home to all my nonsensical ramblings!  Jokes aside, this new blog will allow people to keep up with most of what I am doing as I will post links on there to most of my other projects as well.  And like I stated previously I will try to continue to keep posting on this blogger blog as often as time allows.  t won't be as much as I would like but I will try and keep it alive for the years to come.  It has been my main online home for my thoughts and everything else for some time now and I don't want to just abandon it.  So although I will post most of my articles that would have gone on the blogger blog on my new hosted blog on my domain name which is located at, just think of this as an extension to the blogger, not a replacement for it.  And as I explained in my previous post, my main site at the URL is a main site for listings and links to all my current and past projects as well as some basic pictures and videos of myself that document my life and have no other clear organizational scheme.  So please check out  both my blog site at as well as my home page at and see all that it has to ofter and check back often as it will be updated regularly.