Saturday, December 24, 2016

Launch of My New Main Website

I have recently bought a hosting plan an a few domain names that I will be concetrating most of my efforts on.  Each domain name will have multiple subdomains so I will be hosting dozens of sites eventually.  The main site, is going to be the main site for my personal domain name, which will help link to all my personal info as well as all my other hosted sites, blogs, third party sites, social media accounts, and much more.  I will try to keep up on all my blogs, especially those hosted here on Blogger as this is currently my longest running home on the internet.  Paid hosts come and go but free services typically last forever.  So I will continue to update my blogger pages but may not spend quite as much time on them as I will my own self hosted sites.  I just like having full control and being able to add whatever I want, do whatever I want with it, choose my CMS system, or even not even use a CMS if i want to create a completely custom web application.  So for now check out for my main web site which will link you to many of my other projects that I am working on.