Thursday, March 14, 2013

McDonalds New Breakfast Item: Eggwhite Delight

McDonald's has been working on a bunch of new menu items lately, and as breakfast sales make up a large portion of their business each day it, it makes sense that they would focus on making new and varied items for breakfast. They have recently added new items such as oatmeal and other health conscious items to the breakfast menu so egg white sandwiches make perfect sense. Other national restaurant chains such as Subway have already began to sell egg white sandwiches and McDonald's is now following suit. The new Egg White Delight Egg McMuffin is not yet available nationwide - that will happen April 22 - but the website has covered the soft launch at one of the early test markets. You can see what they have to say about it at this link: Although the new sandwich is not entirely new, it is simply an egg mcmuffin without the egg yolks on a whole grain muffin, I believe it will be a good addition to the menu that many people will be willing to try. The muffin weighs in at 250 calories, compared with the 300 calories that the regular egg mcmuffin contains.

I have yet to try the new sandwich - I just now heard of it and it is not available in my market - but next time I go to eat breakfast at McDonald's after April 22nd I think I might give it a try. That is if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg for a tiny little sandwich that seems unappetizing. But I do like egg white items such as egg white omelettes and egg white Subway items. My favorite thing for breakfast at Subway is an egg white sandwich with pepper jack cheese, green bell peppers and jalapenos. Although I don't think the new McDonald's item will be as spicy as my Subway favorite, I do believe it will be good and semi-healthy (as healthy as a McDonald's item can be) and I want to give it a try. When or if I do I will give an update and let you know how I liked and what I think about it and other new items at McDonalds.

Not only are they focusing on new breakfast items, they are adding new items to the entire menu. A few weeks ago they had a sale on another new menu item called fish mcbites that I thought was actually pretty good, despite my usual aversion to seafood. Other items coming in the future are three different types of tortilla wraps: chicken and bacon, chicken and ranch, and sweet chile chicken, as well as blueberry pomegranate smoothies. And as previously mentioned they also have new breakfast items like oatmeal with fruit in it and other varied and health consious items that appeal to more than the typical fast food eater. I think this is a very good thing that McDonald's is doing and a step in the right direction for all fast food chains. I have seen other fast food chains that are doing similar things in adding items that appeal to customers that want healthier items in a fast food setting so that they can eat quickly, cheaply, and easily without all the fat and calories that typically come with a trip to the fast food drive through. I hope this leads to a lot more options when it comes to good food fast and not just fast food. I am pretty sick of all the fast food chains being all the same. If I want a burger I have about 20 different choices between a few different chains within a few minutes of my house. But if I want something besides a burger or even a taco or burrito I am pretty much stuck. We will see how this works out, if people like it and continue to buy it, or if they buy it once and don't like it and go back to their trusty old egg mcmuffin. I for one hope people order enough to keep it around and that it doesn't go the way of the McDonald's pizza or other past items that were only around for a short period of time.