Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fox News Against The Holiday Bunny?

Kids have forever loved the Easter Bunny, but lately with everybody changing things to become more acceptable to all people in this country - after all this country is supposed to be the melting pot, right?

The female reporter on the Fox and Friends show mentioned Passover and Easter happening this week and that if you mention one you should mention the other because those are the only two groups who she seems to care about. She said that anybody who thinks otherwise must believe in nothing and if you believe in nothing that you should be ignored anyways. Well Mrs. Fox News, have you ever heard of any other religions than Christianity, Catholicism, or Judaism? Did you know that there are lots of different religions in this country and around the world? Why should any of the people who believe in these different religions be left out of an "academic" egg hunt just because they don't celebrate Easter? There are even some religions that don't celebrate holidays like most religions do and like to keep things more modest, but should the kids have to sit the egg hunt out just because they don't go to the same church that you do? I think this is outrageous for them to report on this story this way, this is America where government and religion are separate, so people should be free to worship however they want to and be able to teach their kids the same way without them being ridiculed in school. They have already changed the name of Easter Break - the week in March that most schools let kids out of school - to Spring Break, so why not change the name of the school sponsored celebrations to allow more kids to participate? I think that this is a great change and that it should happen all over the country in order to allow more people to participate in class without feeling left out or otherwise feeling left out or any other way different.