Monday, April 8, 2013

April Fools Day Pranks 2013

April 1st has always been a day for practical jokes and playing pranks on your friends.  But now April Fools Day has gone online.  Many companies are now getting in on the fun as ell, by issuing joke press releases on gimmick products or services.  In the past, sites like YouTube have got in on the act with things like YouTube DVD collection, and Gogle Maps 8-bit Nintendo version.  This year even more tech companies have joined in on the April Fools pranks.  Google and YouTube had special items released today that are obvious April Fools jokes.  Toshiba released info on its upcoming game console that reacts to the players emotions, allowing the game to tailor itself to angry players.

Howard Stern renamed one of his two satellite radio channels to America's Got Talent 101 instead of Howard 101 for a whole day, offering all programming about America's Got Talent, the Primetime TV show that Howard is one of the judges of. Many of Howard's listeners have gotten vocal about how they don't like it when Howard talks about being on America's Got Talent, so this was a joke poking fun of that. Many callers believed it was true and he constantly denied that it was not a joke even though the date was in fact April 1st. They even aired fake commercials about shows coming up later in the week on 'AGT 101' as the joke Sirius XM channel was called.

Speaking of Howard Stern, one TV news anchor announced that Stern was going to be guest hosting The Tonight Show for Jay Leno, followed by a very quick "April Fools!" Also on TV, Sharon Osbourne announced on her TV show that her and Ozzy had gotten help from an invitro fertilization doctor and Sharon was now pregnant. She let this go on for a while but announced later in the show that it was of course an April Fool's day joke.

What were your favorite April Fools day pranks this year?