Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why Such A Push For Click-It Or Ticket? Does It Affect Anybody Else If I Wear My Seatbelt?

Whether or not you drive, you know about the Click-It or Ticket campaign and all the other ways that the government tries to get you to wear your seat belt. Your car even beeps at you and flashes a little light until you put on your seat belt. And now many jurisdictions are writing tickets to people who don't have their seat belts on. I know because I've gotten a ticket for it. And that is the reason I got pulled over and the only thing that I got a ticket for. Not speeding or anything else about how I was driving or about my car, but about not wearing my seat belt! It cost about $100 too! It leads me to think that they are just doing it to make money of the citizens and blame it on public safety, but how can they make money with all the advertising campaigns that tell you to buckle up? Personally I don't even see how it affects anybody else in the world other than me. If people don't want to wear it why should it matter? They are the only one who will be hurt by it if something happens.

Did you know that there is a law that all car manufacturers must install a device that warns the driver - both audibly to wear their seat belt? That's right, there is a law that has been on the books since 1975 that requires all car manufacturers install a 4-8 second audible and visual warning while the seat belt is not fastened. Not only that but now a lot of places have huge signs that tell you to wear your seat belt. Think of all the money that this costs. With our economy the way it is, should we really be spending that much money on stupid highway signs that only waste money. If the car already warns you and keeps beeping until you put your seat belt on, then why do are signs necessary? Why spend all this money and have so many redundant warnings? Next thing you know they will start making laws to force you to do stuff like brush your teeth or wiping after going to the bathroom! People either wear their seat belts or they don't. The only person that might have any bearing on whether or not they start wearing it is their mother. No amount of TV ads or warning signs will help. If anything, people will fasten the seat belt and put it behind them just so the warning bell stops chiming. I've seen plenty of people do this before. Heck I've even done it. That's how I know. So please stop the Click-it or Ticket campaign and making all those laws requiring warning devices and start spending money on something that will actually help the community and not just bother everybody.

I originally wrote this article up for my automotive blog but right before I posted it I thought it might cause some controversy among some people and might make people not like the blog and leave or unsubscribe. I hope that if you read this and disagree that you don't automatically just unsubscribe or even leave the page. Remember that you have the right to voice your opinion as much as I do, so you can respond in the comments section to tell me how wrong I am and how dumb I am for thinking this way. If you feel that seat belts save lives and if people don't wear them they get hurt and the tax-payers end up having to foot the bill, then tell me why. Tell me what you think and why you think it. Maybe if you have a good point you will change my way of thinking. Maybe you will make me think otherwise and I'll end up posting a follow up article for the other side of view. Let me know what you think. I welcome any and all comments - positive or negative, I will not censor or remove any comments because of their content (unless its blatent spam. Even if its clever spam I'll probably leave it lol).

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