Monday, April 8, 2013

Woman Dies On Cruise Ship - What's Wrong With Cruising These Days?

Lately there have been a ton of problems with cruise ships and their operating companies that don't seem to go away, and now they are plaguing Royal Caribbean as well. Most of the problems have been linked to Carnival Cruise Lines, and no surprise as it is the biggest cruise line out there and owns and operates many separate cruise ship lines. But this latest news item revolving around a cruise ship involves a Royal Caribbean ship, who has remained relatively unscathed lately.

According to The Washington Post, this latest story involves an elderly lady who was found by her husband dead on-board the ship in their stateroom. The FBI says that this is a suspicious death, and that the lady's husband is being questioned.

I know that this isn't necesarily the cruise ship or their parent company's fault, but why have so many problems and news stories stemmed from cruise ships this past year or so? First there was the ship in Italy that the captain brought too close to shore and crashed it and then abandoned ship long before most of the people were able to board life boats and safely leave the ship. Then the latest story before this involved another Carnival owned ship that lost power for days and forced people to defacate in buckets and leave them in the hallways, while going without adaquate fresh water or food for days. Is there a way that these ships could avoid these problems? Or is this just an unavoidable problem that will keep happening just because there are so many people cruising and that there are bound to be problems with that many people? Well as an avid fan of cruise ships, I believe there are ways that they can at least help to limit these types of problems. I hope they do fix something quick because I gaurentee the general feeling about Cruise Ships lately has been pretty negative. If Carnival et al. don't make some changes then I think it could hurt the Cruise industry for good.