Friday, April 26, 2013

Why Is EVERY Gun Law Unconstitutional?

It seems like the topic of gun control these days is just a two sided battle that pits the left and the right, with the options looking like they are only either all or nothing. Every time the democrats offer up a gun control law, the republicans strike it down immediatly saying that it is unconstitutional. They say that there isn't a limit on the first ammendment or any other ammendment. Well just because it limists access doesn't mean it is unconstitutional. There are already laws that limit other ammendments, including the first. I can't just go around wherever yelling what I want, calling people names, making false acusations, lying about stuff, or even say certain words or phrases on TV or the radio. The republicans are all for censoring people on TV shows, blocking and bleeping lots of different words (think of George Carlin's '7 Dirty Words You Can't Say On Television'). Some are just body parts. Others are just normal bodily functions and acts. But since some people don't like those particular words, now we are all being held to a their standards. Personally I these laws are a lot less invasive than the proposed gun control laws.

And it's not like there isn't any gun control laws on the books right now. The government just wants to make it a little harder to obtain a gun, so that there are fewer to go around that bad and crazy people can get to. A lot of people like to say that the criminals who use guns don't follow the laws anyways so why bother. Well there are laws against rape, murder, theft, and all kinds of other crimes, but people still disobey them. Should we just make it perfectly legal to kill someone and drink and drive just because people will always do it? Should be just give guns to anyone who wants one immediately just because we live in America? Should they be allowed to get any type of weapon they want because the first amendment says you can bear arms? A waiting period for a background check is not unconstitutional, it is just a procedure to check out the individual to make sure he or she is in their right mind to own a gun and has only good intentions for it. And why does anybody need a full automatic, or even semi automatic rifle? And why does it need to have a 30+ round clip? If you are being invaded by someone in your home and need to shoot off over 30 rounds then you are either a horrible shot or there are hundreds of them and they will get you anyways. Do you remember in the 1930's there was a gun called the Tommy Gun, it had a barrel clip with hundreds of bullets and could shoot so fast it was nicknamed the 'street sweeper' since it would mow down anybody or anything in it's path. They banned this gun and those types of clips a long time ago since there is no legitimate reason to have such a weapon. The same goes for today's weapons. I don't know exaclty where to draw the line, but there does need to be a line. Some guns are needed for hunting and self defense, but most guns sold today are simply toys for adults, who love to show off their firepower and go to the range and shoot stuff and watch it blow up. The typical hunter has a gun that needs to be re caulked every time you wan to shoot another bullet, and they only load a few bullets in the gun each time. The reason is that if a bullet is fired and misses, the animal in question will likely get spooked and run.

So why do people care so much about these overpowered guns that play part in mass shootings all over the country? In Australia there has been strict gun laws for about a decade and a half, and since then there hasn't been any mass shootings in that country ever since. Also homicide in general an suicide rates are way down also. So why are Americans so scared to give up their over powered unneccesary guns? There is no legitimate need for them. It is not unconstitutional to deny people guns if they happen to fail a background check., it is just smart. They are more likely to do something drastic and go on a rampage than normal people who would havew no problem passing such a check. Also people who know about guns and gun safety will pass the test, snd they will know how to safely handle and store their weapons and ammunition.

Personally I think that these proposed laws aren't that obtrusive at all. In fact they are neccessary if we are to keep our citzens safe from just anyone to get a gun. What are your opinions?