Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jerry Sandusky: Guilty, Sentenced to At Least 30 Years in Prison

Jerry Sandusky has been officially been sentenced in the child molestation case and the judge has ordered him to serve at least 30 years in prison.  Sandusky has been sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison, making the minimum age for this 68 year old to be released 98 years.  If he serves his full sentence of 60 years, he will be 128 years of age.  So in reality Jerry Sandusky will more than likely die in his jail cell.

Listening to some of the court room testimonials by the victims of Jerry Sandusky's disturbing and disgusting crimes is very hard to do.  Most people will not be able to listen to more than a few minutes without cringing and coming to the conclusion that Jerry Sandusky is in fact guilty of child molestation - and multiple times to multiple victims as well.  When you hear one victim state how Jerry Sandusky would come in to the room of the boy who was only 11 years old at the time, and call himself the tickle monster and say that it was alright for him to touch his genitalia and do all sorts of disgusting acts, you realize how disturbing this case really is and how much of a monster Sandusky really is.  There is also evidence that may show there was a coverup at the university where Jerry Sandusky worked and where many of the molestation cases took place.  Apparently many of his coworkers didn't want word to get out about the horrific crimes taking place in the men's locker room and other locations on campus, they would rather cover it up so that their football program would not suffer.  All this convinces most people that the judge has made the right choice in determining that Sandusky is guilty.

However, now one of the things that people are arguing about on the subject is the number of years Mr. Sandusky has been sentenced to.  Some are comparing Jerry Sandusky's case and verdict to that of Bernie Madoff, who has been sentenced to 150 years.  But in all reality, if Sandusky is 68 years old and he will have to serve at an absolute minimum of 30 years,  the youngest he be released is 98 years old.  If he serves his full sentence, Mr. Sandusky will be 128 years old.  That is, of course, if he even lives to  get out.  Because I very highly doubt that he will ever be a free man again after this sentencing.  So does it really matter whether the judge sentenced Sandusky to 30 years or 300 years?  In the end it all has the same outcome.  No matter what, he will die in jail or if he is lucky he will only have a few years of very limited life left after he is released.  So why argue about the subject?  Both Madoff and Sandusky will be left to rot in their cells while us taxpayers pay the bill.

What are your thoughts?  Leave comments below and let everyone know how you feel about Jerry Sandusky, his trial, his sentencing, and the alleged coverup of his crimes.