Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breaking Bad on DVD

When Breaking Bad first started airing on TV I watched all episodes the first day they aired.  I watched every episode in the first 2 or 3 seasons but I started to get a little bored and thought that the story line was getting a little too far out there and far fetched.  

But I recently got a few seasons of the show on DVD and started watching and I think I like it now more than ever.  The story is a little outlandish but of you watch it for what it is you can enjoy it.  Of course it is highly unlikely that a high school teacher would become a drug kingpin but it is fun to watch nonetheless.  If you have never seen it then I recommend checking it out.  Bryan Cranston is a great actor and makes the show very believable for what it is.  Some of the other characters are a little out there but he holds the show together.  So pick up a season or five of Breaking Bad and be prepared to sit in front of the TV for a while.