Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rosetta Stone: Its All About Immersion

Rosetta Stone is a software package that touts the ability to teach users new languages quicker and more thouroughly than any other method. How is this possible? In one word: immersion.

Think about the way that babies learn their first language. They don't constantly have written definitions and translations thrown in their face in an attempt to memorize as many meaningless words as they can. Babies learn by being surrounded by words every day since their birth. They hear others talking before they even open their eyes. So of course within a year or two they already know a good amount of the language, even if they can't exactly speak it properly. Rosetta stone attempts to teach users a new language the same exact way. There are no translations and no definitions. They don't use English at all in the language lessons. They use only the language you are trying to learn and everything is in that language. It may seem a little daunting at first, but you quickly start to learn the basics of the new language and in no time you can start flying through the lessons. There are different courses that you can take within the Rosetta Stone software, varying in length from a few short lessons all the way to a full year. You can become fully fluent in a language if you use the Rosetta Stone software to its full capability. There are many languages to choose from so whatever language you want to learn, Rosetta Stone is the way to go.

Rosetta Stone is like having your very own language tutor inside your computer. The words are displayed on the screen and the software plays a sound of somebody speaking it so you know how to pronounce it properly. There are also sections that have you repeat the words and with the help of voice recognition software, it tells you if you are pronouncing it correctly or not. This way you can learn the words and be sure that you are saying the words properly.

I took a Spanish course in high school but I never learned more than a few basic words. So when I tried Rosetta Stone I wasn't really expecting much. I thought that it would be more of the same, learning only a handful of words after hours and hours of listening to and reading translations and definitions. But to my surprise it actually worked much better than I expected. I have only used Rosetta Stone for a few basic lessons and I already know about as many words as I remember from an entire year of high school Spanish class. Of course it helped that I already knew how to count to 10 and a few basic colors, but I really learned some new words very quickly. I plan on using the software daily so that I can slowly learn more and more of the language so that I can eventually speak with native Spanish speakers. I live in the South West United States so there are many people here who come from Latin America and are native Spanish speakers. I would love to be able to converse with them in their native language and be able to fully understand them and carry on a conversation. I've been wanting to learn a second language since I was a kid. I went to Spain when I was about 12 and I had a Spanish dictionary but I never learned more than a few words and didn't even know how to properly pronounce them. I went to Mexico a few years ago on a cruise and couldn't understand any of the people who didn't speak English. I'm hoping that next time, with the help of Rosetta Stone, I can finally be able to converse with people in Spanish without any trouble. If you want to learn any language I would definitely recommend that you try Rosetta Stone. I think it is better than any other method, including having a personal tutor!