Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Bus Life Blog

I take the bus a lot to get around, and on my travels I have realized that there are some funny events that take place on the bus. Some interesting people ride the bus, and in turn they have some pretty funny moments that I have witnessed. So I created a blog about some of the funnier trips that I have had on the bus. I call it A Bus Life. You can visit my blog in order to read about some of the funny events that I have seen. I plan on taking photos and videos also when I get a memory card for my phone. That way I can take pictures and videos on the bus without the people noticing. I don't want them to notice otherwise they might stop their funny behavior, or if I am real unlucky I might get beat up by some of the crazier ones. But for now I usually just write about some of the funny, odd, or even frustrating events that take place on the bus. Visit A Bus Life Blog to read more about my life on the bus.