Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why The Fuck Can't I Say Fuck On TV? - Why Are Certain Words Banned On TV and Radio?

I understand that parents don't want their kids to see or hear certain things: violence, nudity, cursing - all the standard stuff that is banned or censored on TV. But why do they have to ban certain words just because they are on a certain list of seven dirty words?

They have all kinds of horrible things on TV all the time, including the nightly news. Every night the news shows people dying and talk about rape, murder, and many more worse acts. Even some children's show worse things than simple words like shit or ass. So what is so bad about the words shit, fuck, piss, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits? Why did they decide on these words anyways? Why not words like mekrob? I'd rather wolf down a whole bucket full of shit before I had another plate of mekrob again. If you ask me mekrob is a whole lot more offensive than getting your cock sucked or getting killed or something like that. The FCC is a government agency that was set up to monitor the communications systems that operate in this country. They are supposed to regulate things like bandwidth and frequencies to make sure that companies are operating within their assigned spectrums and things like that. Censorship has ruined cultures in the past, and I don't like what it is doing to our country. I think that censoring words and ideas can only lead to bad things. People and TV networks can censor themselves if they think that kids might see something that they shouldn't. It's not like they are going to show live sex acts during daytime TV where kids will see it. And besides, if kids want to see certain things they can see pretty much anything and everything on the internet. If kids can watch 'Two Girls, One Cup' on the internet, there is a lot more to worry about than what they can see or hear on TV or in movies. So I think that self censorship is the best. When a government tells it's people what they can or can't say then that is the loss of freedom. Especially in a country such as the USA where we are supposed to have free speech. The 1st ammendment guarentees every person in this country can say anything they want. Just because one word might be on some stupid list that means that we can't say it on TV. We can't ban words just because some people don't like them. If we do then what stops the government from banning all speech? What stops them from banning anything they don't want people to hear? Many other countries with a lot less freedom can say or do anything on TV that they want, so why can't we do so in the US? The internet allows people to talk about anything they want, using whatever language they want. So be sure to voice your opinion no matter what words you use. Otherwise soon your freedom of speech may soon not be there.