Thursday, May 9, 2013

Las Vegas Guidebook Blog

As a Las Vegas Native, I am the perfect person to be the administrator of a Las Vegas Guidebook blog and eBook. So that is exactly what is happening. I have been posting pages and posts on my new Las Vegas Guide Blog and upcoming eBook. You can see the blog by visiting this link: Las Vegas Visitors Guide Blog. This blog is perfect for all people who visit or are planning to visit Las Vegas or any part of Southern Nevada around the Las Vegas Valley such as Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Lake Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, etc. Whether you want tips on when and where to visit to how to get the best deals on travel and hotel stay or whether you want to know the best places to go and visit while you are in town, this is the best place to check out. As an insider in Las Vegas, I have all the best info on where to go and what to see, I have been to all the top places and seen all the hot sights that visitors would want to check out and I can give you tips and information on the best places to go. I also take advice on places to cover as well as questions about everything you may want to know about, so ask me anything and I will be sure to answer. Leave a comment on any of the pages, or send me a message if you want and I'll answer you as soon as possible. So to all upcoming visitors to Las Vegas, check out my blog here: Las Vegas Guidebook blog, and I will be publishing an eBook soon that I am working on, so check back often for that. I plan to offer it for all eBook readers and formats so please take a look, I do it for you guys, the visitors!