Friday, June 28, 2013

Artie Lange's Too Fat To Fish: Autobiography of Comedian, Actor, Radio Host and Now Author Artie Lange

Artie Lange has been working in comedy for years, but he got his big break when he started working on the Howard Stern Show in FM radio. He started working on the show as a replacement for head writer Jackie Martling, but immediately became much more on the show than Howard or anybody else could have envisioned. Not only did he take over Jackie's role as writer, he contributed directly to the show on-air as a quick witted sidekick who had tons of great stories and anecdotes. Artie had been in a few movies and TV shows before but the Stern Show gained him millions of fans almost over night. At the height of his career, Artie wrote the story of his life in his memoirs which he titled, "Too Fat To Fish" after the time his mother told him he couldn't go fishing with his boss, not because he was drunk and hungover, but because he was too fat to fish. Among the story of that fateful day his mother forbid him to go fishing, there are dozens of great stories in the book, both happy and uplifting as well as depressing and sad. Artie's life has ranged the gamut of emotions, and this book tells about the highs and the lows. And trust me, while there are plenty of lows there are also plenty of highs! (Pun intended).

Artie has since left the Howard Stern Show and now hosts his own show nightly on the radio and TV. Although his audience is smaller than it was when he was on the Stern Show, Artie still has tons of loyal fans and continues to make people laugh each and every night. If you are a fan of Artie Lange, or if you were a listener of Stern's radio show while Artie was on it, or even if you liked him on Mad TV or the Norm Show, Artie Lange's Too Fat To Fish is a must read book. If you have ever lost someone close to you way too early, or have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction and depression then you will relate to the story even more. Artie has lived through some amazing things and he tells all in his book. Also in the book is Artie's all time biggest secret that he never told anybody about until the day the book was released. It was too big for him to talk about on the radio, too big for satellite radio, too big for TV even. But not too big for his book. What is Artie's big secret? Well you will just have to read the book to find out! And trust me you will know it when you hear it. I was reading about quarter the way through and thought is this the secret? Then again 20 pages or so later I thought for sure I had just read it. But then when I did read it, I knew. It's that big. So find out for yourself what was too much for Artie to announce on the air and read Too Fat To Fish by Artie Lange. Buy Too Fat To Fish by Artie Lange today.