Monday, June 3, 2013

Dogs Do The Cutest Things

All dogs develop their own personality that differs as much as those of humans. My dogs always seem to have a sweet and funny side. For example, my miniature pinscher Lucas always hides food in the oddest places. One of his favorite things to hide around the house is bread. He loves to hide any kind of bread, rolls, pizza crust, etc. I don't know why if it is just a coincidence or if he figured out that bread gets crunchy if you save it for a few days hidden in the bottom of the laundry basket. Besides the laundry basket or pile of clothes on the ground next to it, he also likes to hide things in corners, under tables, behind furniture, and anywhere he thinks we won't find it. Well today I saw him pawing at something on the ground. I didn't think anything of it at first but he kept on doing it. So I looked down and I saw that he was trying to get into my girlfriend's makeup bag. So I open it up and what do I find? Of course, a piece of stale bread. He was so happy to get it out, but then after I gave it to him he just left it there untouched, where it still lies in fact. He also likes to nudge and paw at our blankets on the bed until we let him under. He loves to cuddle under the blankets to stay warm. Right now I am in one room with the door closed and my girlfriend and somebody else is out there and he knows it so he won't quit. As I am typing this right now he just jumped in my lap and stepped all over my laptop and almost erased this whole post. And he won't stop liking me now. LOL He is so cute.

My other dog Brian, who now lives with my mom, has some funny quirks as well. Since he is a basenji he naturally has some funny quirks. But I think my basenji has some very odd behavior characteristics (that's why many people refer to the Basenji Training Guide for questions and information about their basenji). Last night he got up in the middle of the night, came in my room and sniffed around then left. He went in the other room and sniffed around and then went right back to his bed in the hallway. He also loves to do his basenji yodel right when anybody leaves the house for about 30 seconds. But it is so loud the 30 seconds seems like 30 minutes. Sometimes he will even go outside and seem to forget anybody is home and yodel and howl for a bit. Then when we come outside he keeps going for another few seconds before he stops. Speaking of making strange noises, anytime that he is laying and anybody tries to hold him or pick him up or he thinks they are trying to pick him up he will growl the meanest growl you've ever heard from a basenji. Even if you just try and pet him sometimes he will start growling. If I actually pick him up while he is laying or sleeping, he gets so mad. And with some people, I think mainly people who wear contact lenses, he loves to sniff their eyeballs. He will get right up in my eye, touching my eyelashes and sniff for a few seconds and then move on to the next one.

And don't even get me started on my brother's bulldog. Now a bulldog is a breed of dog that requires an instruction manual (or Bulldog Training Guide :) LOL). He used to be the sweetest little puppy but then when he went through puberty and went slightly crazy. He got very aggressive with people, especially males. But especially the males in the house besides my brother (his master). But especially me! To this day, even though I haven't seen him in a few years, he starts growling and acting very aggressive the second he sees me. I can be in across the room and he will automatically notice me as soon as he or I enter the room. We thought having him spayed would help, that is what everybody told us. But no it didn't seem to help one bit with his behavior. I bet my brother could write a book about his English bulldog.

And all my dogs love to dig in the trash and food. Once my dog got into a pizza box that I thought was up too high for him to reach. But no he got into it and spilled hot sauce, a whole 4 ounce container to fall and spill all over the carpet and walls. It was ridiculous. And after that he ate what was left of a pizza - I think it was about half a pizza. And my girlfriend's old dog once got into a box of valentine's day chocolate. Needless to say, she ate the whole box. But she never got sick or even looked uneasy or ill. Well I could go on like this hours writing about my dogs, especially their funnier moments. But like I said, my brother could write an whole book on his English bulldog, so I bet I could write an entire library of books on my dogs!