Friday, June 7, 2013

How Fast Things Change and Information Spreads With Technology Nowadays

Back about 100 or 200 years ago, information used to take days, weeks, or even months to spread. The Pony Express was a revolution in the speed of mail and still that was incredibly slow compared to today's standards. Then inventions like the telegraph and then the telephone changed the world. Instead of waiting months for people to get across the country on horses to bring mail, bits of information could take literally seconds to travel the entire world. With the instantaneous manner of the internet, news can spread to millions all over the country and world within hours.

What made me think of this is today I heard something on the news that I wanted to see on the internet. The news was talking about something that happened on one of the late night talk shows. So I go on google, type a few words in and bam there was the video I wanted. Later I wanted to show somebody this video so I went back to google, the search term that I used earlier was still in the search history so I started typing and it auto-completely filled in the rest with the same exact term I used earlier. But the second time the entire search engine results page was different. The site that I saw the video on earlier didn't show up on the first page so I clicked another link. It just happened to be that the link was to a video on bing, funny since I was using google. But it just goes to show that everything changes these days. As a web developer who is also familiar with web marketing, I know it can take months or years to get onto a good spot on google. To know that you can be blown out of the water by competing pages just because something happened on TV or something similar is pretty scary. Why go through the work of making good content that people want to link to and getting the word out by good promotion when you can be knocked out of position within a matter of hours. Companies that have a decent SEO operation might have statistics run every month or so. In this time so much could happen online and in the world that you wouldn't even know what happened and you could go from rank 1 to 100. Well that is why it is important to have very good content and great marketing so you can try to stay relevant no matter what happens. And also don't ever put all your eggs in one basket otherwise you could lose everything you have going on before you ever knew what hit you.