Friday, June 7, 2013

How Fast Technology Increases

In relation to my last post, I just wanted to write a note about how fast technology increases. Something called Moore's Law states that technology will continue to double in capability, speed, capacity, etc. every 18 months. And I think it has pretty much stayed true over the years. What made me think about this is the state of hard drives. When I was young, they said hard drives couldn't be created larger than 40 megabytes! Then a few years ago, I read an article about how they found a way to increase the capacity of hard drives to about 250 gigabyte (about half for 2 1/2" laptop drives), but that they would not be able to go much, if any, larger than that. Fast forward to today, when standard hard disk drives can hold 4 terabytes and solid state drives, which were pretty much non-existant a few years ago because flash memory could not hold more than a few gigs, can now hold over 2 terabytes in a very small form factor.