Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cheapest Energy Drinks - Get Your Energy Drinks For Less, Only Pennies Per Serving Of Energy Drink

With a normal Redbull can costing $2-3 for a single serving, energy drinks can get expensive. Even energy shots like 5 Hour Energy brand shots are multiple dollars each serving. Why spend a few bucks per can when you can spend only pennies to get the exact same energy producing ingredients that all the other energy drinks pack?

Well I found a way to get energy drinks for way less than they are in stores. And you don't have to buy in bulk or stock up on tons of cans. You don't even need to have a case of 5 hour energy bottles either. You only need one package per flavor. How is this possible? With the creation of concentrated liquid drink mixers that have recently flooded the market, such as the Mio brand. They come in all flavors and types of drinks by many different manufacturers. They have normal soft drinks like Crystal Light and Kool-Aid as well as sports drinks similar to Gatorade, in addition to the energy drink variety of mixes. They come in small containers with under 2 oz of liquid that you squirt into water and then mix. They are extremely easy to squirt into a cup or a bottle and then stir or shake up and enjoy. Some brands come in a powder or tablet form that are also mixed with water to create the drink. And with up to 24 servings per container at a price tag as low as $2.99, that comes to less than 13 cents each serving. Even if you buy a single bottle of water from the gas station or convenience store for a dollar it is still much less than a Redbull or Monster energy drink. They come in many different flavors too, so you are sure to find one that you like best. And with a whole package containing about 20 servings for about the price of one can of Monster you can stock up on all the flavors and still save a ton of money. I have tried a total of three flavors: Mixed Berry, Black Cherry and a flavor called Green Thunder. I think they are all pretty tasty, which I can't say about most energy drinks on the market. Regular Redbull and Rockstar energy drinks are hard to drink due to their strong flavor. The Mio , ZipFizz, and generic brand of energy drink concentrates and mixes are much better in my opinion, making them much easier to drink the whole serving without wasting any. Some of them do not have carbonation, making it is even easier to drink than the carbonated energy drinks you find at the store. So if you drink energy drinks regularly or are sick of spending so much just to get a little burst of energy, try out the liquid drink mixes like Mio and the even cheaper store brand products to save a ton of money. I promise it will be worth it.