Sunday, June 2, 2013

Should Supreme Court Justices Get Automatic Tenure?

All Supreme Court justices get automatic tenure as soon as they are appointed to the position. But is this a good idea or not? Personally I think that it is a bad idea. I think that the Supreme Court needs to have a good amount of diversity and if people are allowed to stay on the Supreme Court then the same people will be there for years. I believe that the Supreme Court needs new blood as it were, so that they have new perspectives of cases. If not they keep the same people for years on end they will end up ruling the same way in different cases. But maybe they should have new and different views on things. What are your views on the subject? Should they get automatic tenure? Should some Supreme Court justices get tenure? Or should they have term limits just like all political positions? I believe the latter. Post your views in the comments section, I would love to read what everybody thinks.