Sunday, June 2, 2013

XBox One - Not the Original XBox 1, the New XBox One

We've been waiting for it for years now. 8 years to be exact. But now it's finally here, the new Xbox has been announced. And it's not called the Xbox 720 like most people have speculated. Actually the number to denote the model number wasn't doubled to 720, it wasn't increased at at - it was decreased. By 359 actually. That's right the new Xbox will now be the Xbox One. If you're like me and all my friends, that's what you already call the original Xbox, which means that the new Xbox model will cause nothing but confusion among gamers. Hopefully the technical specs and other features more than make up for the stupidity in the naming convention.

So what are the tech specs and cool new features of the Xbox One? Well don't look for the controller itself to be a exciting new design. It looks pretty much exactly the same as all the different Xbox 360 controllers, so nothing new and exciting in the design department there. The console itself, and the included Kinect both have a cool new design that distinguishes it from other Xbox models. And speaking of Kinect, yes the Xbox One will come bundled with a new and updated Kinect that is so sensitive that it can sense movement in your wrists as well as detect your heartbeat. Some people have dismissed this fact, but personally I think it is really cool. Not just the fact that you can sense your heart beat and your wrists moving, which is pretty cool and can add some neat game play elements. But also the fact that all Xbox One models will come with a Kinect. That means that all games can take advantage of the features provided by Kinect. I don't expect all games to use the Kinect as the only controlling mechanism, but imagine if they used the Kinect in conjunction with the regular controller. In a racing or first person shooter game you could move your head around to move the view in the game. If you moved to the left or right a little the camera could shift slightly in that direction. Or if you ducked your head down your character on the screen could match your movement and duck also. This wouldn't completely change the gameplay, but it would give it a great new immersive feeling that no other console could match. I think that this could give game developers a bunch of new options for their games. I know the Kinect is nothing new, but the fact that all Xbox One consoles will have a Kinect means that they can now take advantage of that peripheral like the couldn't before. And as far as the technical aspects, the new Kinect will capture 1080p @ 30 fps, compared to the current Kinect that only captures VGA.

More info will come out as we get closer to the release date, but what they have shown us seems pretty cool. Hopefully it lives up to the hype. You can find more info about the XBox One here: