Friday, June 21, 2013

James Gandolfini Dies From Heart Attack At Age 51

A few days ago the actor that played the mob boss Tony Soprano, James Gandolfini, died at the age of 51 in Italy after suffering a heart attack. It is very sad when somebody dies, especially when they are still pretty young. I know because my dad died at the age of 55 from a heart attack and I still have a hard time coping with the loss of my best friend and father. James was a great actor and many people loved the hit TV show, The Sopranos, mainly because of his great acting. I don't think anybody could really take his place in this role. He was such a great actor that many people believed that he was that way in real life, that he sounded the same, acted the same, dressed the same, that he was the same person as the character. That means that he was so good that he actually convinced people that he was in fact Tony Soprano.

I was listening to the radio today when the host was talking about his death. He was reading from an article that was in a newspaper that was describing his last night. The tone of the article seemed to be demeaning and rude towards the actor. It stated that at his last meal he ate and drank a whole bunch and insinuated that it caused his heart attack. It stated that he had 2 plates of fried prawns slathered in a mayonaise sauce, before his main course of fois gras. In addition, he had 4 shots of rum and 2 pina coladas before he finished off with 2 beers. The newspaper seemed to think that 8 drinks over dinner was outrageous and that the meal itself was much more than one man can handle. It said that his son had to look on and watch his father eat this while he was FORCED to eat his own meal, like James hoarded all the food and drinks to himself and made the kid eat scraps! As the radio host said, who doesn't eat their own meal in this day and age? Who goes out to eat and gets their own food? Who gets to eat whatever they want? Who gets to have multiple drinks at dinner? Who could ever follow up a few shots with more drinks? And who could ever drink beer after that? And who would ever eat 2 plates of fried prawns? And who would ever want fatty duck liver? The news report seemed to imply that the food and drink was the cause of his death. That one single meal was the reason that he died that night. That perhaps if he didn't drink those drinks that he would still be alive. Well maybe if he lived his entire life differently he would have had a different outcome. Maybe if he ate only vegan food and didn't drink he might have lived longer. But you don't know that, he might have had hereditary problems that lead to his heart attack. He could have died anyways no matter what he ate or drank. Even if he didn't die that exact night, his body was getting weaker and weaker and a heart attack was iminent. I believe that even if it didn't happen that night it was bound to happen soon. I guarentee that he was much happier having lived his life how he wanted than if he were to live it how everyone tells him he should. I believe that James Gandolfini should have been allowed to eat and drink whatever he wanted and live his life however he wanted. If he wanted to eat fried foods and drink with dinner, God bless him! It was his last meal and the reporters are acting like he should have been ashamed to eat like that. I hope everyone could get to enjoy their last meal. We never know when it will be our last, so we should enjoy it while we can. My father was forced to fast before he went to the hospital so they could do tests on him. He ended up never leaving that hospital so he never even got to eat a last meal. His last meal was probably some dinky little microwave dinner days before he died. That makes me sad just to think of it. I wish I could have taken him to the best dinner ever and that he could have ate and drank his way to being fat and full over a great dinner with his family. And that is what James Gandolfini did. He ate a great last meal with his son in Italy. A great dinner with his beloved family in a beautiful country. If anybody said that about my dad I would be so angry at them. Let him live how he wanted and now that he is gone, let him rest in peace. Who cares what his last meal was, it is nobody's business. I hope him and his son had a great time and that his son will remember that dinner as a great memory for years to come. I cherish all the memories of my dad and am grateful for every moment that I ever got to spend with him. I bet that Gandolfini's family feels the same way, and they don't need reporters throwing in their 2 cents on the situation. Shame on the reporters who tried to put their own spin on the story of Gandolfini's death. Live and let live. If it is not your business, then leave your rude opinions to yourself. Rest in peace James Gandolfini, you were a great actor.